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"A Turtle, A Spur, and Piney Woods"
R Shane Beer jewelry We found ourselves taken a break from the cold at the bunkhouse. Fall had come to us in a bad way here at the Tall Aspen ranch, with that, a knock on the door. Dillard got up to answer it, and, to our surprise a lanky kid, who without question, needed someplace to go. We invited him in and learned a few things about him. His name was Tilley Woods...
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"Cause Momma Said So"
R Shane Beer jewelry There are places where men go, places that carry a natural and unseen respect. Without question one of those places was the place where my mother lived. Though we built it with blood, sweat and our own bare hands, it belonged to her. We lived by her rules...
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Cowboys, Horses, and Magic

Cowboys horses and magic

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Life for me has indeed become a book. My days and nights are alive with anticipation of the slightest of breezes. A sign that the wind is coming to take me to a new place...a new moment...