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About R Shane Beer

Artist and Author

R Shane BeerMy artistic career began in 1960. Instruction and direction coming from native american potter donna Gatewood and native american silversmith Clarence Sousa. Along with them and other members of my family...that I refer to as the "brown people" a fortunate look at life and the experiences to come through their ancient eyes. Mental influence over the years coming from areas such as Parker, Arizona, Laguna, Crownpoint, New Mexico and South Texas. I have attended many juried events ain Oklahoma, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico. I have over the years added to my native american roots equestrian, wildlife and western/cowboy themes. This being trough several years in the race horse industry in Texas. Ontrack experiences in New York, New Mexico and Texas. Hunting in South Africa, Texas, Canada, Mexico and most recently living with my wife, horses and cattle on the McWhorter Cattle Ranch in Southestern, New Mexico.

My mediums of creation have grown over time. Silversmithing of traditional Navajo beads were my beginning. Stageblasting glass, "Story Bronzes" and my "Story Paper" have allowed me to opportunity to combine my lifes influences with my Native American heritage.

Custom Work

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R Shane Beer

Life for me has indeed become a book. My days and nights are alive with anticipation of the slightest of breezes. A sign that the wind is coming to take me to a new place...a new moment...